Future of Hermitage Recreation Ground and former leisure centre site

Closed 15 Aug 2022

Opened 10 Jun 2022


  • In November 2019 we held an open community event to get initial ideas for the future of the Hermitage Recreation Ground and former leisure centre site. This was followed by an open online consultation, and then further consultation direct with schools.

    With the new Whitwick and Coalville Leisure Centre now open, we have drawn up some options for the future of the site using the feedback received from the three consultations.

    - £250,000 will definitely be invested on the site – this will be on introducing special grass species and habitat enhancement and comes from a development contribution

    - The current recreation ground facilities will be kept and maintained – including the sports pitches, fishing lake and miniature railway

    - The former leisure centre building has been surveyed and deemed unfit for use. It would take £2 million + just to make the building safe for use

    - The current proposal is for parking to be kept on the site for residents and businesses to use
    – this was one of the main things that came out of our initial consultation

    - In July, councillors will receive a recommendation to approve the demolition of the old leisure centre building – this decision has not yet been made and there isn’t a timescale set for this yet

    - The future of the former leisure centre site is yet to be decided – we are looking for community feedback to decide what investment can and should be made for the benefit of the whole community

    - With current budgets, the £250,000 ecology investment and ongoing maintenance of the current facilities will be the only investment made

    - If the former leisure centre site was partially developed, this would give the council’s leisure services some money to invest in additional recreation facilities on the site

    - Our current preference would be that this development is done by our housing service - keeping the future of the whole site in the control of the council, rather than with a developer

    - If housing is developed on the site, our preference is for a small development to provide supported living for older people

    - If the leisure services did have money to spend on the recreation ground, we’d like to know what you’d like to see from the options drawn up following our previous consultation.

Why your views matter

  • We would like your feedback to inform and shape the proposals for the site. Our previous consultation was an ‘open book’ – we received lots of ideas, but we also gained an understanding of what was most important to local people. We were told that residents and business needed the free parking on the site, and that investment in free, outdoor recreation should be the priority.

    With the former leisure centre building unfit for use without vast amounts of investment, one option is to develop a small amount of council housing on the site (the type has not yet been decided, but our preference is supported living for older people). This would keep the site under the control of the council, whilst providing some funding to develop more on the recreation side e.g. a community centre and café, a better play area or an ecology park.

    What should be your priorities for the site? If more investment was made in outdoor recreation, what would your preferences be? And would you accept some housing on the site to fund additional recreation facilities?

What happens next

  • Two key meetings will consider the feedback from this consultation.

    Community Scrutiny Committee will consider the options paper alongside community feedback on Tuesday 29 June 2022.

    Cabinet will then consider the options paper and community feedback at its meeting on 19 July 2022
    and will make a decision on the future for the site. At this meeting Cabinet will receive a recommendation to approve demolition of the former leisure centre building.


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