Housing Support Service Satisfaction Survey 2020

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Closes 31 Mar 2020


1. Do you feel that the information you are asked in the Support Needs Assessment is adequate in assessing your needs?
2. Visiting Support is a free service offered to tenants who have housing-related support needs which are not otherwise being met. do you feel the amount of contact you receive suits your needs?
3. What sorts of things has the Support Officer helped you with? Please tick all that apply.
4. When Support Staff visit you, do you feel they are:
5. Overall, how satisfied are you with the service you receive from the Support Officers?
6. To what extent do you agree with the statement "I value my 24-7 pull-cord or lifeline alarm"
7. If you have used your pull-cords or Lifeline alarm in an emergency, please tell us about your experience. (please tick all that apply).
8. Have you attended any social activities provided for your scheme/local area?
9. Have you attended any Tenants Association meetings provided in your area?
10. Are there any other activities which you would like to see provided at your nearest scheme? If yes please detail below.
11. How much of a problem are teenagers hanging around on the streets?

How does this compare to where you previously lived?

12. How much of a problem is vandalism, graffiti or other deliberate damage to property or vehicles?

How does this compare to where you previously lived?

13. How would you rate the level of anti-social behaviour in the local area

How does this compare to where you previously lived?

14. How much of a problem is rubbish or litter lying around?

How does this compare to where you previously lived?

15. Overall, do you think your neighbourhood is a good or bad place to live?

How does this compare to where you prevuiously lived?

16. I feel like I belong to this neighbourhood?
17. I regularly stop and talk with people in my neighbourhood.
18. IMPORTANT INFORMATION For us to be able to provide a responsive and effective service to you, it's important we have up to date information for you and your chosen emergency contacts. Please confirm this information by completing the section below.

My next-of-kin/emergegency contact(s):