Allocations Policy Review

Closed 9 Jul 2017

Opened 23 Jun 2017

Results expected 17 Oct 2017


The Council's Allocations and Lettings Policy sets out how to apply for social housing in North West Leicestershire. The policy also sets out how we decide who is selected for social housing.

Since 2011 the Council has operated a system called 'choice based lettings' to allocate council housing and some housing association properties.  .

Under the choice based lettings sytem home seekers who have applied to and been accepted onto the housing register are place in one of four priority bands. They are then able to bid online for available properties.

The bands are:

1 = low housing need

2 = medium housing need

3 = high housing need

4 = priority housing need

At the end of each advertising period, the applicant in the greatest need from those that applied will normally be offered the property (once eligibility checks have been made).

The allocations policy deternines how the bandings are applied and how preference is determined for households within the same housing need band.

The policy aims to ensure that those home seekers who are in urgent housing need are given reasonable preference

Why We Are Consulting

The current allocations policy has been in place since 2013.

This review aims to:

  • Ensure the new policy is fair and reasonable
  • Ensure the policy is as clear and transparent as possible
  • Make sure the policy reflects recent and future legislation

What Happens Next

The consulation will take place in 2 phases:

Phase 1 - initial consultation (20th-30th June)

Phase 2 - draft new policy available for consultation

It is ancicipated that the new policy will be agreed by the Council's Cabinet in October 2017


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  • Community safety
  • Faith, religion and belief
  • Gender issues
  • Health and wellbeing
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