CustomerServiceSurvey external Q3 2020-21

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Closes 31 Dec 2020

Customer Service Survey

1. For what reason did you recently contact Customer Services?
2. How do you normally contact the council?
3. How often do you contact the council?
4. Thinking about your most recent contact with us, please select which method you used;
5. In the future, would you be happy to have your query dealt with automatically (e.g by a digital system or online) rather than waiting to speak to a person?
6. If you have visited us how would you rate our customer service centre?
7. If you have called our customer service line, how would you rate our service?
8. If you accessed our services online, how would you rate our service?
9. Overall how would you rate your latest customer experience with us?
10. Based on your recent experience, how would you suggest we can improve our service?
11. Would you like to be involved in future customer engagement projects such as giving us feedback on new services, ideas or budgets. If yes, please provide your contact details below.