Review of Taxi and PH Vehicle Licensing

Closed 25 Sep 2022

Opened 7 Jul 2022


NWLDC has carefully considered the statutory taxi and private hire vehicle standards, published by the Department for Transport when proposing changes to licensing policy and licence conditions, but these are, of course, subject to change following this consultation.

While it is useful to have indications of the quantity of respondents that agree or disagree with these proposals, NWLDC wants to ensure that the final recommendations are informed by all available evidence and suggestions where these can be improved.

Most of the questions ask for quantifiable (agree, disagree or no opinion) and qualitative (comments) responses.

Ahead of the consultation questions, we would like to collect some information about you and your use of and/or role in the taxi and PHV trade. This information will be used to help to give context to the responses we receive from individuals and organisations.

Why your views matter

The Government has issued statutory taxi and private hire vehicle standards to safeguard the most vulnerable in society, however the measures will increase the safety of all passengers.

North West Leicestershire District Council must give due regard to the statutory standards when setting their own licensing policies and procedures.  This important consultation provides you with an opportunity to shape taxi and private hire vehicle licensing policy at North West Leicestershire going forward.

What happens next

A summary of responses, including the next steps, will be published with a draft policy being presented to Licensing Committee in November 2022.

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