Members Survey

Closed 19 Jul 2019

Opened 21 Jun 2019


As we start a new term of office following the election, we would like to ask new and returning members about the communication they receive from the council.

Our communication with you is two-way, with your enquiries coming mainly though the Democratic Services Team. We use a range of tools to communicate council business with you, including:

  • The member bulletin – a weekly e-newsletter that is sent to all members. Includes updates from services, invitations to member briefings, and a blog from the Chief Executive.
  • The i-Net – primarily a tool for communicating with staff, members have access and can read the news stories and blogs available here.
  • Portfolio holder / shadow portfolio holder briefings – updates provided to portfolio holders and shadow portfolio holders on projects. The portfolio holder is then responsible for sharing this information as they see fit.
  • All member briefings – project teams and service managers may invite all members to attend briefings to update them on progress with particular initiatives. These briefings are a chance to ask questions and provide information to the project teams and managers.
  • Committee reports – are shared with all members ahead of meetings.

We do always try and keep ward members up to date on issues and projects in their ward.  There will be times when information cannot be shared because it is commercially sensitive or otherwise needs to be kept confidential or limited to a small group of people.  We will try to tell members where this is the case and give reasons.

Having said that, there may be improvements we can make to how we do things. We appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete this survey to give us a greater understanding of what works for you and what could be improved.


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