Environmental Crime Training 28/04/21

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Closes 21 May 2021

Evaluation Form

Please rate your responses using the key below:

  1. Strongly disagree
  2. Disagree
  3. Agree
  4. Strongly agree
1. The training was well publicised.
2. The timings of the training session worked well for me
3. The training was positive, informal, interactive and informative
4. The presentation was relevant and useful
5. The officer leading the training was engaging
6. I enjoyed the style of the training
7. What I have learnt today will help the organisation I am representing
8. I would recommend this training to others
9. Was this training (please tick as appropriate)
10. What other training/information sessions would you like to see on offer ?
11. Other comments (i.e. about today’s event, training requests)
12. What activities or plans does your parish/town council have to tackle environmental crime within your area?
13. Is there interest in setting up a parish & town council group to share ideas and activities?
14. Please add contacts details so we can contact you about your answers.

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