Commercialism Survey

Closed 28 Oct 2019

Opened 20 Sep 2019


The council adopted its Commercial Strategy – Being more Business-like in October 2018.  We hope that you have heard about the strategy; whether that’s through conversations with colleagues, i-Net articles, blogs or because you have been involved in a new project or piece of work.  The Commercial Strategy work is being driven by a group called the Think Tank.  They have been busy over the last year putting key building blocks in place, particularly in relation to staff skills and confidence with the commercial skills programme, developing the commercial guide enhancing corporate knowledge of our current charges and beginning to develop a business like culture.

When we started on our commercial journey last year, we tested the water with you to find out what you think about commercialism.

A year on, we are interested to know what you think about what commercialism means to you and your service area.


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